Special Promo for Bull

Now you probably ask yourself why? He is not sick, not old, no mobbing victim, just one of many wonderful Galgos living in the Scooby shelter and waiting for a loving home. But with Bull it is a little bit different because I had a very nice request for him, no time to answer immediately, forgot to mark the mail unread again, then, with all the new mails coming in the mail disappeared from the screen and  my mind. Until I received a mail from the woman who asked for him, telling me that meanwhile she adopted a Galgo from another organisation and that she is sad when she sees Bull still waiting for the sofa the other dog cals his own. I apologized and promised her to promote Bull to make up for my mistake because I owe it to him.
So I asked our dear Ana to provide me with some info, pics and a movie and as we know Ana, she was there to help straight.
Here is Ana´s short character description: Bull is not shy, he comes running happily when humans enter the paddock, he is playful with the other dogs, goes along well with all of them, he is just a nice and friendly boy. Neither dominant nor submissive. Sounds promising, doesn´t it????
Would be so wonderful if any of you would fall in love with him and give him the loving home he deserves! And on top you´d contribute to a clean conscience of mine because I spoiled this chance for him...

Here is the link to the video Ana did:

And here are some brand new photos:



We received a call from the Guardia Civil telling us about the existence
of two puppies in a container. When we arrived, we found the mother
crying, desperate to get her children out. There were two, but sadly one
was dead. After the rescue, surprisingly, the mother led us to where
they lived. The alleged owner assured that he did not throw the small
ones to the container. The Civil Guard has filed the minutes.

Fortunately the mother and son are safe and sound in a foster home. The
little one has a laceration due to a blow, but is doing well after be
treated by our veterinarian Bárbara.

Would you like to give these two survivors a home? The mother is also
very intelligent and so sweet, the small one, super cute.
refugio@scoobymedina.org <mailto:refugio@scoobymedina.org>


Otto – A Palencia Prisoner

To be honest, it is not easy to find a suitable home for Otto. Otto is a happy dog that should be held as an only dog in a house because he does not go well with other dogs. But that is not HIS fault. He did not choose his former owner who formed him and did not socialize him enough. He did not choose to be dumped at the shelter 2 years ago. And Otto certainly did not choose Scooby Palencia to be his forever home! There has to be a person, somewhere in this world, who is willing to take Otto home, who wants to take him for long walks and train him to be more social with other dogs. Because with people he is already social!
On the 1st of January Otto will celebrate his 6th birthday AND the start of his 3rd year as a ‘Palencia Prisoner’. Please don’t forget about Otto, help us find that special home for him! He deserves it!

Here a video of Otto in his ‘prison cell’:

Pol – The Forgotten Handsome

Imagine you are 3 years old and have been living in a concrete paddock for almost your entire life. Just because you are born in the ‘wrong’ body. So people that are looking for a nice dog don’t even look at you because of your breed. Unfortunately, that is the destiny of Pol. So sad! He is such a nice and handsome young boy! Yes, he prefers to be with female dogs, not males but even more, he loves to be with people! Just take a look at mr. Handsome in this video. LOOK! Don’t turn your head because of his breed, look at the great dog that’s underneath. Don’t let him stay the Forgotten dog that he is. Give him an honest chance.. Thank you.


Pretty Pecas is potentially loving!

Meet Pecas, an absolutely stunning young lady, with her ‘make-up eyes’ and her clown like smile.. She is only one year old and in her short life she has already learned the hard way about abandonment and solitude. When she arrived at the Scooby shelter Zamora she had a hard time adjusting, like all dogs do, and was crying a lot. Thanks to a great volunteer, who is helping her and training her, she is doing much better now. Pecas has a great will to learn and has already learned to walk calmly without jumping and is relaxed in her kennel during the day and playing with her friend. We know people say her breed is ‘potentially dangerous’ but Pecas is just POTENTIALLY LOVING!!!! And desperately in need of a loving home. Could it be yours? We hope so..